1. Corporate training

Fiona offers in-house corporate training in the following fields:

  • Leadership Development

  • Women in Leadership

  • People Management

  • How to Self-Coach

  • Influencing Confidence and Assertiveness Skills

  • Presentation Skills

  • Mentoring and Coaching Training

  • Conflict Management and Negotiation Skills

  • Work Behaviour and dealing with different personalities

 Fiona has extensive experience training in other areas, so if there is something not listed here please contact Fiona.

Fiona can deliver these sessions in a half day masterclass format or in a full day session format depending on the needs of the company.

2. Corporate Talks:

Fiona delivers talks for organisations regularly. Sample topics can be seen as follows:

  • “The confidence Gap”

  • “Imposter Syndrome”

  • Making Friends with your Inner Critic”

  • “Own you own career”

  • “The art of  Powerful Conversations”

  • “Reading body language”

  • “Emotional Intelligence”

  • ‘Resilience”

  • “Avoiding burnout”



3. Conference Keynote Speaking/Panellist/MC

Fiona is regularly invited to speak at conferences as a keynote or panellist contributor. Her empowering talks are very centred around personal impact and are empowerment talks:

Some of Fiona’s most recent talks were as follows:

  • “Making Friends with our Inner Critic”

  • “How to Self-Coach”

  •  “Dealing with Different personalities

  • “Negotiate your own success

  • The growth Mindset”

4. Executive Coaching

Fiona is a certified qualified coach and offers executive coaching as part of her service delivery.  Fiona can deliver individual coaching or team coaching to organisations.

 Fiona also offers a “How to Self-Coach” half day masterclass to organisations who perhaps don’t have the budget to take undertake executive coaching but want to empower their employees with some practical advice and tools.

 Fiona’s coaching style is very goal focused and challenges her clients to remove obstacles that are blocking them from achieving their greatest potential. She encourages clients to align values and focus on being the best version of themselves at work to achieve results. Fiona brings her unique practical work experience combined with her occupational psychology background to achieve these results giving both an academic and practitioner context to each coaching session. This coupled with her personality type always leads her clients to results. Her coaching style is very motivational, inspiring and practical.



5. Mentoring Programmes


Fiona assist’s organisations in designing and setting up their own Mentoring programs. Fiona specialises in masterclass training both to mentors and mentees to empower them and arm them with the best skills to get the most out of the mentoring process. These masterclass sessions can vary from 60 minutes to 3 hours.

6. Psychometric Assessment

1. MBTI Assessment

Fiona is a certified MBTI (Myers -Briggs Type Indicator) practitioner. The MBTI is a self-report questionnaire designed to indicate psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions. A very powerful tool in business. This can be done on an individual basis as part of the coaching service or to an entire team in an organisation. More information can be found here.

2. EQi 2.0 Assessment: (Emotional Intelligence)

Fiona is a certified and trained EQi 2.0 and Eqi 360 assessor.

Emotional intelligence (EI) is a set of skills that influence the way we perceive and express ourselves, develop and maintain relationships, cope with challenges and use emotional information in an effective and meaningful way.

 The EQ-i 2.0 tool addresses key questions such as:

  • Am I realistic about how I perceive myself?

  • Should I express myself more?

  • Are there better ways to connect at a personal level?

  • How can I make better decisions?

  • What ways can I manage stress better?

Fiona can administer Emotional Intelligence tests as part of her leadership development programmes.